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We are committed to the belief that the Dream World is the true source of our soul wisdom. Their desire is that you deepen your understanding and experience your personal potential and professional potential as a conscious being. This will deepen your knowledge, and find tune your practical skills for personal growth and/or as a supportive companion to others.

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Walking Torwards Wholeness

Sessions will begin with an exploration of the Journey as Holy in a Conscious World, followed by an in-depth exploration of Deeping My Understanding of Self - Exploring Persona, Ego, and Psyche. The Session will build upon the previous offerings, to deepen your skills as a Dream Worker and/or Spiritual Companion. The foundation of all transformational inner work is an experiential understanding of the Life/Death/Life Cycle that is present in all conscious work. The Divine Masculine and Feminine, encountering Empaths, Vampires and Narcissists, Group Dynamics, Archetypes, Jungian Theory, Embodied Soul work and models of companion supervision will be experientially explored.

Each Session will conclude with an invitation to participate in a dream group. This will encourage you to apply the materials covered in presentations, and peel away a layer of meaning offered by the Dream-maker.

Walking Torward Wholenes Anchor
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Companions in the Journey
Group Dreamwork

This six-week program introduces Jungian based dreamwork through small group exercises. The brief overview of Jung will be provided. Each member will have the opportunity to share a dream. This is designed for those new to dreamwork or who would like to explore dreams as part of a group.

Companins in the Journey
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Individual Dreamwork

Work one-on-one with Diana to discover the sacred meaning of your dreams. Diana thoughtfully guides you through the dreamwork process, as you collaborate to understand the symbiology of the unspoken language.

Individual Dreamwork Anchor
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